10 Tips for a Healthy Penis

10 Tips for a Healthy Penis

Dec 08
10 Tips for a Healthy Penis

The penis is actually a significant organ. It plays a vital role in your health, a healthy penis will be the main key of an intercourse. It’s important in getting and keeping erection, ejaculation and reproduction. You often ask lots of about penis, but you rarely spend time to take care of it. Thus, you may get some problems related to penis that you don’t want to let anyone knows due to shamed and embarrassed. This can lead to more complicated issues in the future. To prevent this, the best things you can do are to avoid penile disorders and keep your penis healthy.

Some penis disorders

Like other organs of the body, penis can be affected by lots of causes. In fact, there’re lots of factors affecting your penis health that you may not know. These may cause some problems in this important organ. Let’s see what types of common penis problems you can get.

Genital warts

When having a cluster of warts look like cauliflower, you may get genital herpes. It’s caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) that spreads through directly sexual contact. So, having sex without a condom may give you this disease. Warts can vary different shape and size. They may also appear on the penis, scrotum, anus and under foreskin. To cure it, you need find support from antiviral medication, laser therapy or surgery. Applying VidaroX is also the best way. It’s an antiviral cream which helps remove warts fast and prevent further outbreaks.

VidaroX treats genital warts

VidaroX treats genital warts

Genital herpes

It’s a sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV2). The disease causes bumps or clusters on your penis. You also suffer from burning, itching and tingling. These bumps also break down and spread. All unprotected sex will transmit this virus. To treat it, you can use antiviral medicines and creams. ProsurX is considered one of the best cream for herpes. It’s used to kill HSV in deep skin layers and prevent further recurrences.


Phimosis is a penis disorder which the foreskin can’t be retracted over the head of your penis. The disorder is common in baby boys. But, around 17 years old, a boy can be able to easily retract his foreskin. The penis disorder may occur in adults. It causes more inconveniences in daily life, especially it has a big impact on your reproduction.

Ejaculation problems

Ejaculation problems seem to be a nightmare in most of men. You may get some issues: premature and delayed ejaculation. If you takes time longer than average to ejaculation, delayed ejaculation can be diagnosed. Otherwise, premature ejaculation occurs too soon before you wish. It’s an uncontrolled ejaculation in a short time of intercourse.

Ejaculation problems are nightmare for male

Ejaculation problems are nightmare for male

10 tips for a healthy penis

Some penis disorder may affect your health, especially your sex life. The good news is you can maintain a healthy penis through your diet and lifestyle habits. Here’re top 10 tips to keep your penis healthy.

1. Eat smart

Diet is really important in your body. It also has effect on health of your penis. Natural and healthy foods may prevent harmful plaque deposits in the blood vessels. This disturbs blood flow the penis. So, try to eat more vegetables, fruits and fish and avoid harmful diet which affects sexual function.

2. Stop smoking

Besides causing cancer, smoking will narrow the blood vessels and decrease the supply of oxygen. It also increases inflammation that impacts on organs in the body. Especially, smoking may destroy penile tissues and make it less elastic. Thus, if you want to have a penis health, you must stop smoking.

Stop smoking to have a penis health

Stop smoking to have a penis health

3. Reduce stress

Stress is the main cause of releasing cortisol and adrenaline hormones. Too much cortisol secretion may promote your appetite causing belly fat. Adrenaline will narrow your blood vessels. This has negative impacts on erections and ejaculations. Hence, avoiding stress is essential for your penis.

4. Control your weight

Obesity reduces the levels of testosterone hormone in the body. Belly fat can will convert this male hormone to the female hormone estrogen. You’re also more prone to have fatty plaque that disturbs the blood vessels. This makes it harder to maintain a god erection.

5. Reduce alcohol

Small amount of alcohol may help reduce anxiety and improve erectile function. However, too much alcohol doesn’t only impact on many organs in the body, but it’s also a main risk factor of erectile dysfunction.

Avoid alcohol to reduce penis problems

Avoid alcohol to reduce penis problems

6. Avoid high cholesterol and high blood pressure

Two disorders may damage blood vessels that bring to the penis and lead to problems with ejaculations. These make your penis hard to get an erection. So, you should get tests to make sure that you don’t get high cholesterol or blood pressure. And try to treat them if you have.

7. Do exercise regularly

Exercise has great effect on penis. It improves the external rotators of the hip which improves your performance in the bed. Not only that, exercise helps improve mood, reduce stress, prevent tiredness and boost your energy. Long term exercise also lowers your risk of getting heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure.

8. Increase pelvic floor muscles

The exercise is significant for erection and ejaculation. When you’re stimulated in sex, the pelvic floor muscle will active and engage to keep penile rigidity. Thus, doing this exercise will improve your penis health and performance.

Pelvic floor muscles improve your penis health and performance

Pelvic floor muscles improve your penis health and performance

9. Sleep well

If you’re exhausted, your penis is also tired as well. Thus, sleeping is the best way to gain your energy. It’s a great time to your brain and entire the body take rest. Besides, it boosts your immune function, decreases leptin levels and increases cortisol. Keeping your body healthy is the good way to make your penis strong, too.

10. Maintain a healthy relationship

You can keep penis in a good shape by using it more often. Some studies show that people are more sexually active have fewer problems with erectile dysfunction as their age. Besides, relationship harmony is really important in a couple life. It’s the key to build and enhance your relationship.

Penis health is as important as your overall health, so you need to take care of it. If you have any penis problems, you should meet your doctor and receive treatments. But you need to practice a healthy lifestyle to keep your penis out of diseases.

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