6 Common Parts of the Body That Can Be Infected With HPV

6 Common Parts of the Body That Can Be Infected With HPV

Aug 14
6 Common Parts of the Body That Can Be Infected With HPV

HPV is a common virus that affects people who are sexually active. There are many different strains of HPV. While some can affect the genitals, some can lead to cancer in internal areas. Here are six common parts of the body that can be infected with HPV.  

The face

Some strains of HPV can affect your face, leading to facial warts. Warts are horrible growths on the skin. They can be flat or raised, pink or red, colorless or brown. They can grow in clusters or appear individually. There are two common types of HPV warts on face. They are: filiform warts or flat warts.

Filiform warts are highly contagious. They can grow and spread very quickly on the skin. Filiform warts can be found on the lips and eyelids. Normally, they are harmless. But when they occur in sensitive areas, they can cause itching and bleeding.

Flat warts are smaller and they can grow more slowly. As its name, the warts look flat, smooth on top and can be oval or round in shape. Apart from skin, men can get these warts in their beard areas.

Facial warts can be mistaken for moles or skin tags. To be sure, you should go to the dermatologist for checking.

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the face can be infected with HPV

Warts on the eye

The hands

Your hands can also be infected with HPV. This causes common warts to appear anywhere on your fingers and hands. Common warts are generally small and flesh-colored. They can be rough to the touch. People with weak immune systems, especially children can be at higher risk for the warts.

Like facial warts, common warts are contagious. To avoid spreading these warts to other parts of the body, you should:

Do not scratch of pick at the warts.

Disinfect your nail clipper after using.

Don’t bite your fingernails.

Take good care of your hands and nails.

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HPV can affect the hand

Warts on the hand

The feet

HPV can affect your feet, leading to plantar warts. These warts tend to appear on the sole or bottom of the foot. Plantar warts are harmless but quite big and sometimes they can grow in clusters. This type of HPV warts can be mistaken for corns or calluses. However, plantar warts can have tiny black dots on the surface called seeds. If you have plantar warts, you will notice pain while walking or standing.

Children can have higher risk of developing plantar warts. Due to high transmission, the warts can be spread through the following ways.

Directly touching the wart and then touching your foot.

Touching a contaminated surface, such as walking barefoot in public areas.

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HPV can affect the feet

Warts on the foot

The genitals

This is the most common part of the body that can be infected with HPV. When HPV attacks the genitals, it can cause genital warts and sometimes cancers.

Low-risk HPV, such as HPV types 6 and 11 can cause warts to appear on the genital areas. In men, genital warts can occur on the groin, penis, anus, thighs and scrotum. In women, these warts can appear on the cervix, and inside or outside the vagina and anus. If you have genital warts, you will notice burning, itching, bleeding and vaginal discharge. The condition can be itchy, painful and uncomfortable. Having sexual intercourse with genital warts can make the HPV spread. To get rid of genital warts, you can use topical treatment. Vidarox is one of the best creams for genital warts. It helps remove the warts within several days of treatment and keep them from coming back. Other treatments for genital warts include imiquimod, trichloroacetic acid and surgery.

High-risk HPV, such HPV types 16 and 18 can cause cervical cancer in women. Symptoms include pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, pain during sex and more. Early detection and treatment can help prevent the development of cervical cancer. So, if you think you may become infected with high-risk HPV, consult a doctor for Pap smear.

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HPV can affect the genitals

Genital warts

The anus

HPV can affect your anus, causing anal warts and sometimes anal cancer.

Anal warts are tiny warts that look like a cauliflower. They can be yellow or pink, peach-colored or brown, and normally they grow in clusters. Anal warts can appear inside or around the anus. They cause no pain and discomfort. But sometimes, sufferers may get itching, burning, bleeding and discharge from the anus. Having anal sex with someone who has the virus can cause anal warts. So, avoid this habit and practice safer sex.

Anal cancer can result from high-risk HPV. Symptoms include anal itching, pain and bleeding in the area of the rectum or anus. Anal cancer is dangerous. However, it can be treated with a combination of radiation and chemotherapy.

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HPV can affect the anus

Anal warts

The mouth

Finally, HPV can affect your mouth, leading to oral warts and sometimes throat cancer.

Oral warts are warts that appear inside the mouth, on the tongue, or in the middle of the throat. Symptoms include abnormal bumps, hoarseness, constant sore throats and trouble swallowing. People who have oral sex can be more susceptible for oral warts. To treat the condition, speak to your doctor for cryotherapy or surgical removal. To prevent oral warts, take the few tips below:

Avoid oral sex with an unfamiliar partner.

Use condoms or dental dams during oral sex.

Do not have sex with multiple partners.

Get tested regularly.

Get vaccinated.

Throat cancer is caused by HPV type 16. Symptoms may look similar to oral warts. However, throat cancer can be very difficult to identify in the early stages. If you experience any abnormal change in your mouth, talk to your doctor. Besides, practice safer sex to reduce your risk of getting this cancer.

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HPV can affect the mouth

Oral warts

HPV can affect various parts of the body, including the face, mouth, genitals, and more. Normally, it causes warts to appear on the affected skin. But luckily, topical treatment like Vidarox can help remove those warts. In serious cases, HPV can develop cancers, which eventually leads to death. So if you think you may have HPV, go to the doctor for detection and treatment. Besides, practice safe sex to avoid getting HPV and other STDs.

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