Boost Your Immune System to Cure HPV Naturally

Boost Your Immune System to Cure HPV Naturally

Dec 19
Boost Your Immune System to Cure HPV Naturally

Human papillomavirus or HPV is a serious condition spread through sexual contact with an infected person. HPV causes warts on the human body, especially warts on the genitals and anus. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, at least half of sexually active adults might contract HPV at some point in their lives. Direct skin contact with a person who has a wart can lead to transmission. But, using condoms during sex does not always protect against the infection. To prevent HPV, absence from sex is the only and most effective way. To truly know if a woman has HPV, a routine pelvic exam and Pap smear are recommended. To men, an inspection of the penis can help to detect HPV infections. In most cases, the immune system can clear HPV within two years. But sometimes, some strains of the virus can cause HPV-related cancers like cervical cancer. Doctors advise using antiviral creams like Vidarox to relieve HPV symptoms. Besides, keeping the body’s immune system healthy can also help. Thus, people with the virus should boost your immune system to cure HPV naturally.

5 First Signs of HPV

There are more than 100 different types of HPV and each type has its own number. While some strains of the virus cause warts, other strains can lead to cancers related to HPV. To have proper treatment, therefore, you should be aware of its signs and symptoms. Here are 5 first signs of HPV that everyone should know.

  1. Genital warts

HPV types 6 and 11 can cause warts that appear in the genitals, called genital warts. Genital warts can also be found anywhere near the genital area like anus, vagina, penis and legs. These warts are generally painless, but they can cause itchiness and discomfort. Genital warts can be removed surgically by freezing, curettage or laser surgery. Besides, some antiviral creams like Acyclovir and Vidarox can help reduce warts. Frequent applications of Vidarox especially can inactivate the virus and prevent recurrent warts.

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  1. Other warts

In addition to genital warts, HPV can also cause warts on the face, hands and feet. They can be common warts, plantar warts and flat warts. These warts normally cannot be passed via sexual contact. But, having direct skin contact and sharing infected items can lead to transmission. Non-genital warts rarely spread to other areas of the body but easily from person to person.

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  1. Lesions

HPV sometimes causes certain types of lesions that are similar to a wart. They often occur on common areas of skin like lips, tongue and mouth. People usually refer to them as a canker sore or cold sore. Lesions caused by HPV do not cause any harm but they can be very painful.

Warts-On Hands

  1. Abnormal Pap smear

Pap smear is usually recommended to detect HPV infections in women. In fact, this test can realize abnormal cellular changes in the cervix and vagina. If you have an abnormal Pap smear result, you may have an HPV infection. Pap smear can also discover pre-cancerous lesions. Thus, all women are advised to get this test every 3 years to low risk of cervical cancer.

  1. Cervical cancer

Two HPV types 16 and 18 can cause precancerous cervical lesions and cervical cancers. It is a dangerous condition and needs to be treated immediately. Important tests and proper treatments in each stage of cancer will be necessary for survival.

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Immune System and HPV

The body’s immune system plays an important role in the progression and regression of HPV infections. A previous study showed that the incubation period of infection could be ten years. Despite any symptoms, the virus can go away itself in a span of two years. This is due to the effective immune system that can fight off viruses. In contrast, a compromised immune response can trigger damaged cells, leading to further infections and cancers. Hence, people with HPV infection need extra immune support to clear the virus naturally.

Boost Your Immune System to Cure HPV Naturally

Boosting the immune system is the best way to destroy HPV and prevent health complications. To do this, you need to:

  1. Avoid bad habits

Drinking and smoking can weaken the immune system, causing HPV and further infections. Studies find that there is a close connection between smoking and HPV infections. Cigarette smoking can worsen HPV symptoms and lead to cervical cancer. So, you should quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke to cure HPV naturally.


  1. Make dietary changes

A healthy diet is essential to promote the immune system. Here are nutritious foods that can help to maintain a strong and healthy immune system.

  • Nuts contain magnesium which is very beneficial for strong immune system and good bones. You can get this mineral by consuming almond and peanut.
  • Fruit and vegetables. These foods are a rich in anti-oxidants that provide many immune system-boosting benefits. They can particularly be found in tomatoes, kiwi, berries, leafy greens and citrus fruits.
  • Whole grains. Whole grains with rich fiber content can promote strong immune function. Besides, they contain antioxidants that support the body to resist and heal from infection.
  • Cold-water fish. To keep your immune system healthy, you should eliminate red meat in your diet. Instead, eat more fish for protein. In fact, cold-water fish can reduce inflammation and support the immune function. You should eat halibut, herring, salmon and mackerel to cure HPV naturally.

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  1. Take vitamins and supplements

Certain vitamins and supplements can help fight the HPV infection. For example, Vitamins A, C and E can protect body’s cells from damage. Folic acid can promote the immunity and fight off HPV infections. So, add more vitamin A, C, E, and folic acids to boost your immune system.

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  1. Manage stress effectively

Stress can suppress the immune system, leading to HPV and other infections. But, there are many ways to handle this problem. You can practice deep breathing, relaxing, chatting and talking with friends. Plus, getting enough sleep and regularly exercising to strengthen the immune system.

Your immune system is important to fight off germs, viruses and bacteria. You should keep it strong and healthy to cure HPV naturally. Besides, regularly go to your doctor for health checkup and early treatment.

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