Having Sex With Genital Warts

Having Sex With Genital Warts

Aug 26
Having Sex With Genital Warts

Genital warts are the highest sexually transmitted disease in the US. The illness occurs in most people who have unprotected sex. They’re easy to contract the disease than other people who have sex with a condom. Genital warts with cauliflower-shaped in the genital area cause more discomfort and difficulty in daily activities. Especially, they have a big effect on sex life of most people. The disease doesn’t only disturb sexual intercourse but also affects a relationship in the future. Thus, no one wants to get warts.

Can you have sex with genital warts?

A question about sex and genital warts is always given. Most people with genital warts often have the same questions. They want to know when they are able to have sex again and how they can solve the problem with their partners. In fact, having sex with genital warts is possible if you can take a look at some precautions. You can practice steps to control warts and stop their spread as well as outbreaks.

Talk to your partners about warts

Many people who is infected with genital warts don’t know how to talk with their partners about the disease. They’re so nervous that can’t talk about it. But it’s important to discuss the problem if your partner doesn’t have genital warts. Instead of being nervous or scared, you should think about your partner can be spread the disease from you. Thus, you need to talk about it with him or her. Before starting the conversation, you should get information about HPV and your disease as well as its symptoms. Having genital warts doesn’t mean you’re dirty or do wrong things. It simply means that you also get the common disease unluckily like millions of people in the world.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho talk with partner

Talking with your partner may reduce his or her dangers of contracting genital warts. Not only that, your honesty can keep a relationship longer. You deserve to receive love and respect from your partner. Telling the truth also helps you be comfortable and avoids stress. But after discussing the problem, having sex or not will depend on your partner decision.

Use condoms if you want to have sex with genital warts

Genital warts are usually transmitted through sexual contact without a condom. Or even when having no symptoms, you also spread or can be spread the virus. It’s important for you to use a condom. Especially, if warts are developing, you should avoid having sex until they are cleared up. It’s because having sex with active warts will increase your risks of getting the infection.

Besides, warts can be spread through oral sex. After contracting, they can occur on the tongue, lips or throat. They also develop of oral or throat cancer in few cases. Thus, if you want to have sex, try to wear a condom. Even though a condom can’t protect from having warts totally, it still reduces the danger of contracting them effectively.


Although genital warts can affect your sex life. But having warts doesn’t mean you stop your sex life. So, you shouldn’t be worried about that.

How to treat and prevent genital warts

To make sure that your sex life is good, you should treat warts as soon as possible. It’s also important for you to prevent outbreaks. With these tips, you can delete your warts effectively.

Taking medications. Medications may remove your warts and manage their spread. If you’re diagnosed with genital warts, doctor can recommend you some medications. They can be Condylox ,Aldara, Trichloroacetic acid Gardasil, and VidaroX. They’re effective in curing warts, especially VidaroX. It’s proved by FDA and made from herb ingredients. Thus, it’s safe and kills the virus rapidly. Besides, it treats the virus in the lower layer of the skin, so having outbreak is too difficult. You can use VidaroX to cure your warts fast and prevent them from spreading.


Home remedies. Home remedies are safe and inexpensive in treating genital warts. You can use tea tree oil, mushroom, turmeric or garlic to treat. They are rich in antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial components. These components are beneficial in killing the virus and treating warts. Not only that, they boost the immune system in the body that defeat various virus infections. Based on these benefits, you can use some of home remedies to treat your condition.

Healthy diet. If want to remove warts as soon as possible, healthy diet is really important to do that. Vegetables, fruits, vitamins or acid folic foods are healthy foods that cure warts fast. They provide enough nutrients and vitamins for your immune system. Otherwise, caffeine, alcohol or sweet foods will disturb your immunity and can lead to warts development. Thus, you need to limit unhealthy food in your die and should increase healthy foods.


Getting HPV vaccines. To prevent getting genital warts, you and your partner should get HPV vaccines. There are 3 types of HPV vaccines. They’re recommended for people to get. But the most suitable ages to get HPV vaccines are between 12 and 26 in female. Even though HPV vaccines can’t treat all types of HPV, they can cure warts and prevent HPV well.

In some cases of spreading, warts can be removed by surgeries or therapies. These treatments can be pain, but they remove warts fast and may prevent spreading.

Genital warts are easy to be infected, especially through sexual contact. Once contracting the disease, it can affect your sex life in some cases. Thus, to prevent them and have a healthy sex life, you need to use a condom. Besides, you should limit your sexual partners as well as practice healthy lifestyle.





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