Risk Factors for Throat Cancer

Risk Factors for Throat Cancer

Aug 09
Risk Factors for Throat Cancer

Throat cancer occurs when cells develop out of control and flock normal ones. It refers to cancer of the vocal cords, voice box and other parts of the throat. Throat cancer consists two categories. They are pharyngeal cancer and laryngeal cancer. It’s estimated that about 13,360 new cases of laryngeal cancer and 3,600 Americans will die from this cancer in the US in 2017. Although throat cancer is uncommon compared to other ones, it still leads to many severe complications and even death. Thus, it’s important for people get more information about this cancer as well as its risk factors.

How can you realize your throat cancer?

This cancer tends to develop fast. Hence, when getting this disease, you will realize some changes in the body, including:

–  Sore throat, earache and cough that don’t go away

–  Voice changes such as not speaking clearly, hoarseness

–  Difficulty swallowing

–  Difficulty breathing

–  Weight loss

–  Neck lump

–  Headache

Once having new symptoms of this cancer, you need to make an appointment with your doctor. Some throat cancer cases are too late to be diagnosed, so they can’t overcome with treatments and die.

Risk factors for throat cancer

The causes of throat cancer are unknown exactly. But some factors can be considered to increase your danger of growing it. The most common of these are human papillomavirus (HPV), tobacco, alcohol, and genetic. Other factors can also contribute dangers of throat cancer.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

Tobacco contains thousands of harmful chemicals that increase dangers of getting throat cancer. The more you smoke, the grater your risk. Even you don’t smoke, but you have a history of tobacco exposure, you also get the disease. It’s never too late for people to stop smoking. If you are diagnosed with the cancer, stop it as soon as possible. This saves not only yourself but also your people around you.

Why people drink more alcohol will raise their chances of getting throat cancer. It’s because alcohol contains a lot of toxin substances that can damage cells and change hormones in the body. These develop abnormal cells and lead to cancer quickly. Drinking alcohol is a risk factor like smoking. Thus, more than 1 drink a day also raises the danger of throat cancer.

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HPV infection

There are over 150 viruses in HPV virus family. Most of them are harmless. But some viruses can lead to cancer such as cervical cancer, penile cancer and throat cancer. Others can lead to warts in different parts of the body like genital areas, or on the face. The virus linked to throat cancer is HPV 16. This virus enters the body through skin contact during unprotected sex. It includes vaginal, oral or anal sex. Thus, when having sex without a condom, your risks of getting cancer is too high. Most people with HPV infection of the throat or mouth don’t have any symptoms. But throat cancer still occurs in some people. Men are more likely to get HPV infection in the throat or mouth than women. There is a connection between smoking and HPV. While HPV leads to throat cancer. In short, you need to limit risk factors of an HPV infection to reduce dangers of the cancer.

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People with a family history of cancers will have a high danger of throat cancer than other people. It’s because gene runs in family. If your parents have cancer, you will inherit defects in certain genes. This leads to your risk of getting cancer, too. Thus, it’s important for you to keep a look out for warning signs initially.

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Unhealthy diet

Harmful diet is linked to cancer. Your body need to have enough protein, zinc, vitamins and iron to boost immunity. When occurring the imbalance or deficiency of these substance, the body can’t fight against harmful viruses. Then, your chance to get cancer will increase. To manage deficiency of nutrients, you should set up your diet schedule and take supplements if possible.

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Poor dental hygiene

Not looking after your teeth well can be the reason that leads to throat cancer in mouth and throat. The dentist doesn’t help keep your dental hygiene but also prevents initial warning signs of cancer. Thus, try to go to the dental clinic every three months.

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Throat cancer is 4 times more common in men than women. It’s because men contact with smoking and alcohol more than women. These main risk factors raise dangers of the cancer in men commonly. But recent years, women tend to have these unhealthy habits. Thus, the cancer has increased in women, too.

Treatments for throat cancer

Doctor will try to prevent the cancer from spreading and protect your ability to speak and swallow. But your treatment depends on many factors, including:

– The stage of the cancer

–  Your general health

–  Where the cancer is

–  Your preference

After defining some factors affects your cancer, doctor will give appropriate treatments you. They can be surgery, radiation, targeted therapy drugs and chemotherapy. If you have been diagnosed with throat cancer, you should keep calm. The good news is there are a lot of patients who have throat cancer and live many years. Receiving treatments and changing your life style will help you reduce symptoms of cancer. Not only that, they can decrease complications of the disease.

Throat cancer can lead to many severe complications and even death. Thus, it’s important for you to consider and limit some risk factors of the disease. Besides, you should practice healthy lifestyle as well as good diet to prevent throat cancer.

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