Top 5 Common Drugs for HPV

Top 5 Common Drugs for HPV

Jul 20
Top 5 Common Drugs for HPV

HPV, or as known as the human papillomavirus, is an sexually transmitted disease that spread through skin-to-skin sexual activities. HPV is so common that there almost every sexually active men and women carry the virus at some point in their life. Fortunately, most of the HPV viruses go away on their own eventually depends on each person’s immune system. Keep in mind that infections are often symptom-free so you can still get infected on infect others without knowing about the condition. Using condoms can decrease the chance of spreading out the virus but they are not foolproof because they don’t cover the entire genital area. For women, HPV is more serious because the viruses are the main cause of cervix cancer.


There are many medications for HPV include:


  1. Gardasil: or as known as Silgard, or Gardisil is a vaccine for recombinant human papillomavirus. It can prevent 6 types of cancer and fight against specific types of HPV (type 6, 11, 16, 18). Gardasil is the most common option for HPV treatment. However, there are many reports of side effects after taking in the vaccine.


  1. Imiquimod (Aldara): is a presctiption medication or topical cream that fight HPV as well as precancerous skin growths and skin cancer. Imiquimod is an immune response modifier which means it can signal your immune system to fight against the viruses.
  2. Podofilox(Condylox): is a topical gel that is specifically used to treat genital warts. The topical solution is considered an antimitotic drug. Each milliliter of solution contains a small amount of podofilox which is synthesized and purified from species of Juniperus and podophyllum. The ingredients are reported from various studies to be effective against HPV.


  1. Trichloroacetic acid: has been used for skin peel cosmetic procedure for a long time as well as various cosmetic skin condition. Many studies claimed that TCA can also destroy the protein cells inside of a wart which can be used to effectively treat HPV genital warts. TCA can also be used by pregnant women.


  1. VidaroX: A new generation of genital wart treatment using the power of silver nanoparticles combined with FDA-approved natural ingredients that are known to be effective against HPV viruses. Nanoparticles and their strong anti-viral and penetrative traits can eradicate the viruses deep beneath the outbreak surface.


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